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Rick Hamann JR. Demolition & Bobcat Service comes from generations and generations of demolition and bobcat services. As long as I can remember I have been around demolition and heavy equipment. Hanging out with my Great Grandpa, Grandpa, and Father on the job sites was my favorite thing to do as a young boy. I would sit with my dad on the loader and watch as he would tear down an entire building with amazement. I was totally hooked and knew that this was too my calling.

It wasn’t long before I tore down my first house at the age of 14. My dad put me in our old 1970 977 front end loader and told me have fun. Being from a multi generational family of demolition contractors my Grandfather was there also to oversee my first demolition experience.

Now 15 years later I have had the experience of tearing down countless buildings.  So many that it is impossible to count them all. I feel privileged and blessed to have the ability to do a job that I love everyday and look forward to passing this privilege down to my children.

So look out for the 5th generation of demolition experts!!!

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